Dienstag, 3. Juli 2007

Words from Work

bitmap selection, gxt, eutelsat, in operation, validated, satellite encyclopedia, remove link, dextro energen, microsoft, lock desktop, polarization, NoradId, Beams, transponders, frequency, how are you, marketing conference, Ku-band, Satellite alone should cost $100 million, kazakhstan ground station, program:superbird, geostationary orbit, Baikonur Cosmodrome, 2.3m dual gridded deployable transmit antenna


cyril hat gesagt…

Wow, they have new flavours @ the pizza hut ?

Well, it reminds me of a previous life, near the castle of Betzdorf, when I was younger... Does Multi Beam Antenna and Digital Video Broadcasting take also part in your everyday pleasure ?

citizen hat gesagt…

Yes, unfortunately. It's boring as hell. Seriously, I did the same job for one month last year and said to myself that I never again would accept to do it. Here I am, same shit, different year. Some more words: transponder allocation, Ku-steerable Beam and finally: isoline.